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Stash Whether you feel a sense of national pride or screw your nose up as you are already sick of hearing about it, there is no escaping the fact that the olympic games are coming here to the U.K. in 2012. So using that as my inspiration I had two big problems to solve:

1 – Creative block – start something, get bored, it goes wrong, start something else, knit something I will never wear, start something else… & so on – its been driving me nuts lately!

2 – Stash intervention – the basket in the pic was just the start, I have five of those now plus 2 curver boxes, 2 shopping totes, 1 trunk all full & dont even venture behind the sofa…..

So the challenge I have set myself for the next month is to knit 100 meters a day as I have a lot of 50 gram balls of D.K. weight which is about that meterage – so a ball a day! 🙂

Please feel free to join in & do the same & let me know how you get along either here or on ravelry – I will be through those baskets in no time …….(she  hopes)

Quite possible the coolest video I have come across on Youtube! While nosing around at the Henson vids to show the kids I found this & just had to share! It’s nice to know Doozers get the grumpies with their knitting too ;P

So whats the big deal with knitters & dishcloths? I couldn’t understand it until I gave one a go. Not only are they the perfect size for testing out new stitches & the perfect size to stop you getting board mid project, but they work really well as dishclothes. You will never use a shop bought one again! (plus you can make them in cute colours to match your kitchen 🙂 )

Thanks to Rhonda White this fab apple dishcloth pattern is available for free from:


& is also in Ravelry here:


Fable Mitts

Ravel it here!

You will need:

50 grams d.k yarn
4 mm straight needles
2 small stitch holders
darning needle
2 decorative buttons
stitch markers

Size – small (medium)

Tension/Gauge – 4” x 4” 24 sts & 28 rows in stocking stitch

k – knit p – purl st – stitches rs – right side of work ws – wrong side of work sl1, k1, psso – slip the next stitch knitwise to right needle, knit following stitch, pass slipped stitch over the previously knitted stitch k2tog – knit the next two stitches together st st – stocking stitch, knit on right side, purl on wrong side m1 inc – make 1 increase, with right needle pick up thread between stitches & place on left needle then knit into back loop pm – place marker


Mittens (make 2)

cast on 35 (39) stitches using the long tail cast on method.
row 1 – k1, p1 repeat til end of row.
row 2 – p1, k1 repeat til end of row.
these two rows form 1 x 1 ribbing, continue in 1 x1 rib until piece measures 2 cm ending with a ws row.

next row – k1, sl1, k1, psso, k10 (12), sl1, k1, psso, k5, k2tog, k10 (12), k2tog, k1.

next row – purl.
next row – knit.
these two rows form stocking stitch (st st). continue in st st until piece measures 5.5 (6) cm  ending with a ws row.


next row – m1 inc at each end of this & following alternate row [35 (39) st]

continue in st st until piece measures 10 (10.5) cm ending with a ws row.

Start thumb shaping:

next row – k17 (19) st , pm, m1 inc, k1, m1 inc, pm, k to end. continue in pattern increasing one st after fisrt marker & a second st
before last marker on every knit row until 13 (15) st between markers.
next row – p to marker, place 13 (15) st on st holder, purl to end.

work st st for another 4 cm ending in a ws row.
work 3 rows in 1 x 1 rib.
bind off in pattern.

place st from holder on needle & work 2 rows in 1 x 1 rib.
bind off in pattern.

Wrist bands (make 2)

cast on 10 st.
knit 1 row.
next row – sl1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k3.
*next row – sl1, k to end.
next row – sl1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k3**

Start buttonhole:

next row – sl1, k3, bind off 2 st, k3.
next row – sl1, k2, p1, cast on 2 st, k the 2 cast on sts , p1, k3.
repeat from * to ** until piece measures 14 (14.5) cm.
bind off.

Finishing up:

sew up thumb seams. pin wrist bands into place & sew up side seams at the same time sewing wrist bands into seam as well. attatch buttons. block as ball band dictates.

enjoy your new mitts!

Copyright to craftylittlesewnsew 2010. Please feel free to use this pattern for personal or charity use. Please do not use for making profit or selling/publishing as your own. Please link back if you would like to share this pattern.

If you notice any mistakes or have any questions please let me know by leaving a comment – thanks x

Just had to share! Pattern from Tiny tots & textures by Sirdar.

And if you ever did why not go & see what these guys do with a bit of yarn.

Missoni Fall '10

Truly inspirational!